Who are we?

The Global-Anti-Corruption-Alliance was founded in 2020.

History has shown that corrupt structures/forms of organisation very often overlap/identical with paedophile structures – even down to the level of justice and government. is neither identified by religious nor political idelogies and is not profit-oriented – in the sense of a social social structure. We reject violence and act exclusively on secured, legal bases.

“” is continuously expanded to bring together non-governmental organizations and individuals worldwide and to unite forces in the fight against corruption in a structured way.

Our activities focus on the detection and elimination of corrupt structures. Our aim is to join forces through joint action.

The protection of children is the most important aspect of our mission, as they are the most vulnerablemembers of society and need the best possible protection against attacks of any kind in order to develop freely and unencumbered.

Everyone who wants to follow these principles is welcome to join the Global-Anti-Corruption-Alliance.